About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website which is an initiative towards fulfilment of the ‘Great Commission’.

God has always used His “called out” ones to transform the world. He first transforms their lives and then sends them into a lost world to transform others. The Word2All Foundation was established in 2010 through a call to service received by Sunu T.Daniel and his wife Sheena Mathew. God has given them a dream! To transform lives, which they are doing through the activities of Word2All Foundation.

The vision of Word2All Foundation is “Transformed people, transforming communities to transform the world” and its mission is to send transformed people into the communities of the world so they can be instruments in the hands of God to bring about “wholistic”” transformation. The spelling “wholistic” has been chosen intentionally as the ministries of Word2All Foundation reach out to the “whole” person—physically and spiritually.

The endeavour of Word2All Foundation is to integrate the concept of whole-person transformation, using a “wholistic” approach to ministry to effect community transformation. Working with local churches and local community leaders, Word2All Foundation helps to facilitate community outreach.

Word2All Foundation is committed to come alongside individuals to help them discover their unique gifts and calling, connecting their passion with God’s heart and helping them discern their active role in God’s redemptive plan for the world.

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