Has a teacher ever changed your life? At Word2All, we’re seeing God transforming individuals and communities through educators and support staff who bring their whole hearts, minds, and hands to modelling the real life of faith.

Ministering through the mentoring and teaching model is an exciting, sustainable, and powerful movement where every skill set and role is needed in building up the next generation for the Kingdom! It is with this in mind that Word2All Foundation entered the foray of education.

Its first project in the sphere of Word2All in education is the Genesis Kids Planet, a modern Montessori school in Delhi. The goal is to provide support which children need in early childhood, so that by the time they enter primary school, they have the backing, services and skills required to be successful.

The team at Genesis Kids Planet

Genesis Kids Planet is managed by a very sufficient and qualified team in a neat and clean environment with modern infrastructure. The nurturing atmosphere and fun filled constructive activities helps accelerate learning amongst the children. The school promotes a wonderful community spirit, enriching the lives of the children and instilling in them the spark of development in socialising, communication of our child.

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