Imam found Jesus by studying the Koran, paid a price for rejecting Islam

During his mother’s pregnancy doctors wanted to abort him due to an infection in his mother’s womb, but as a devout Muslim she refused.

“The doctors compelled my mother to kill the child (me), but she is a very good devotee of Allah, God. So she did not accept their advice,” Mario Joseph explained on HM Television.

At the time of his mother’s pregnancy crisis she prayed: “Allah, life belongs to you so I know you can give life. If you give life to this baby I will surrender this baby to you.”

Joseph was led to believe his birth was miraculous, but his mother’s vow of dedication to Islam carried unwanted consequences. “Because I had been dedicated to God, my parents did not send me to school. My childhood was very bad,” he recounted.

At eight-years-old they sent him to a Muslim-Arabic college so he could prepare to become an imam. Remarkably, after 10 years of study, he completed the goal.

Working as a parish priest, he preached that Jesus Christ is not God. “For me, God was only Allah and I believed that Allah never got married, so no sons for Allah. So I preached that Jesus is not God.”

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