It is a joy to share with you the story of the humble beginnings of the Word2All Foundation.

I am a native of the South Indian State of Kerala where St. Thomas, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, landed with the Gospel over 2000 years ago. Born in a Roman Catholic family, I accepted Jesus Christ as personal saviour in the year 1988 and have been a firm believer ever since.

After confirmation of God’s calling through a miracle of healing, I completed Master of Divinity degree from one of the well-known 

My desire is to expand His Kingdom in the most backward states of India viz. Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand as well as in Punjab. In Indian villages, many are spiralling towards eternal destruction without Jesus in their lives. They are gnarled with superstitions, traditions, black magic, sorcery etc., and have no hope of escape from these snares if not for God’s special intervention. People are going astray from the one true God as they embrace false gods and beliefs. Politicians and landlords are exploiting poor villagers for their own self-serving reasons and using them to keep their position stable or to reach high status. 

Everywhere you see, poor villagers are being oppressed, quelled, discriminated and cheated. Moreover, the real Saviour is unknown to them.

Need of the Hour:

Take a quick look at these statics in India. 120 million people, 5,87,179 villages, 3000 people groups, 20,000 castes and sub castes, 85% people live in the villages, 225 languages, 49.89% people illiterate, 19 major religions with only 4% Christians and more than 4 lakhs villages yet to be reached.

The need is very high in these states in all aspects; from the availability of the Word of God and other Bible material to holistic development of the society. Thousands are dying without Jesus every second / minute / hour in these States. The question which echo’s repeatedly in my ears is “Who will go for me? What can you contribute to fill this gap?”.

God the Father sent Jesus, His son, for the lost. God the Son gave away his life for lost humanity. God’s heart always throbs for the lost. Ours must too.Are we not obliged to share the Gospel in India? Yes we are! It is a calling for all believers. My calling is for ministry in Indian villages which is being fulfilled through the inception of the Word2All Foundation.


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