The women empowerment initiatives of Word2All foundation include creation of an environment where women can make decisions of their own for their personal benefit as well as for society.

Expanding Women’s Economic Opportunities

Our projects expand opportunities for women through education, entrepreneurship, and vocational training. We provide women the knowledge and skills to earn an income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty, including through scholarships. In the workplace, we address constraints faced by women entrepreneurs. By providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information and credit, and business management training, we foster environments where women can advocate for improved policies. We work alongside local partners to provide women with vocational training to break into higher-paid employment sectors.

Increasing Women’s Rights and Security

We work with individuals and communities to change attitudes and social norms that perpetuate gender-based violence and the exploitation of women and girls. We engage government and civil society to strengthen laws, legal systems, and other response mechanisms to increase access to justice and improve service delivery. A leader in the fight against human trafficking, The Word2all Foundation has pioneered initiatives to combat trafficking in nearly a dozen source, transit, and destination countries. Our broad engagement across Asis uniquely positions us to respond with locally rooted, gender-sensitive, and durable strategies to enhance prevention, prosecution, and protection measures.

Word2all Tailoring Institute

This is a project we have started in Punjab to equip village women by providing professional training in tailoring so they will have a job to support their families. We also try to gift a sewing machine to those who complete the training successfully.

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